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The CEO Mr.Talha Rajpoot, also the founder of No1 Cricket ball Company is one of the leading companies in sport products. The company was founded on 7th December 2014 and has been providing best sport products since then.

The company started as one of the sports based manufacturers and whole sellers nationally. With the modern requirements of an electronic world, online business is the only way to develop direct contact with the customers far away; the official website of No1 Cricket ball company came into existence.

We are manufacturing word class standardized sport equipment, loved and appreciated by sportsmen nationally. The company started off on a small scale and is now improving and developing on a rapid rate, being recognized internationally makes it necessary to be developed into an international brand, this website provides a better route for the customers to contact and purchase our products.

We manufacture different quality products including varieties of cricket balls, indoor sport equipment, outdoor sport material, bats, pads, batting and keeping gloves, stumps and wooden accessories for various kinds of sports.

The equipment is made with high class material and undergoes wear and tear testing including television graphics; electro sonic testing, pressurized testing and durability test to ensure standardize world class equipment.

The original company is located in Sialkot having fifty co-operative, hard-working staff without whom such success would have been impossible.