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The privacy policy is focused on delivering the best products while securing the customers information and credentials. The company provides complete assurance of the security of data you provide and encourages privacy of the client as our very first priority. The company is committed to maintain your confidence in us and make you aware of how we use this information to provide best services and facilities for our valued clients without any obstacles and ease of access to contact and question us. Your privacy is the foremost priority for our company ensuring best experiences and good memories in future relations.


The data provided when you sign up for the website is secured fully within our company and needs your basic bio-data to supply you premier services of the company. The information provided by you may include:

  • v  Name
  • v  Contact emails
  •               Pr eferences or choices
  •              Job title or position
  •             Credit card or debit card number for payments
  •             Feedbacks and reviews about the products
  •        New ideas for improvement of the products

Positive feedback and comments are always welcomed to make the service matchless and unrivalled in the market. The suggestions provided will be reviewed and discussed by the company to work upon and enhance the quality of work and results provided.


The information provided by you to the website is to make sure you enjoy our valuable services wholly and have direct contact with the providers. We use your private information to provide:

  1.          Better search results customized to your preferences and choices
  2.               Notifications on change or up gradation of services and products
  3.              Technical assistance to the users about the special offers, trends and give useful guidance through the sale of products
  4.              Improve security and efficiency of the result searches
  5.             Analysis of the trends in modern world

Our team is working tirelessly to produce best results for our customers day and night. Your support will be much appreciated.


The company takes complete care to protect the date against lost, theft, misuse and unauthorized access. Destruction, alteration and disclosure of the information are safeguarded by complete responsibility.


The client can access their accounts to view and sort the choices made by them. Such data is completely dependent upon you. The customer may request to different products at a time and select from a variety. The account created by you can be changed, deactivated or deleted on your personal request.


We may provide your information to the respective agents, venture, licensee or the service provider, applicable suppliers, our associates and divisions within the company for beneficial sale-purchase relationships.This process is also safeguarded by special care, and protection of your given information is guaranteed in every way for supreme quality services. Your information may be provided to international agents who may have different privacy policy than our company and may have different data protection policies than our country.


Changes in privacy policy will be notified when up gradation of the rules is considered and operated. The changes will be to fortify excellence in facility, to counter the upcoming market trends and to give absolute performance for our customers with better ease of access. Any changes in the policy will be postedon the website with update date.