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Q 1 How is the product quality ensured?

Each and every product is made unique to its nature. We ensure quality and standard in production is maintained through screening and testing of finished products to provide world class sport equipment.

Q 2 Which ideas are considered for manufacturing equipment?

The sports products are manufactured with an insight to develop new innovations in sport industry while ensuring quality and comfort for the user. The products made are considered to meet the market requirements and the users’ demands.

Q 3 What colors are available in the products?

We supply a wide range of color combinations for the sports crazies out there but no compromise on the quality of product is tolerated.

Q 4 How is durability of an item ensured?

The items are tested by various techniques like applying pressure and processed through different trials to make sure the item is of best quality, user friendly and has all standard measures to long a better life-time.